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Lisa Pollock Absorbent Car Coaster


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Absorbent car coasterKeeps your car cup holder dry from beverage spills and condensationMade with absorbent stoneware.Size: 6.5cm diameterDesigned by Lisa Pollock

Title: Blush Beauty

  • Blush Beauty
  • Dreamy Fields
  • Emu
  • Native Eucalypt
  • Galah
  • Koala
  • Spring Bouquet
  • Saffron Sunflowers
  • Turquoise Tranquility
  • Colourful Dachshund
  • Rainbow Dachshund
  • Sunflower Dachshund


Absorbent car coaster
Keeps your car cup holder dry from beverage spills and condensation
Made with absorbent stoneware.
Size: 6.5cm diameter
Designed by Lisa Pollock

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Blush beauty, Dreamy fields, Emu, Native eucalypt, Galah, Koala, Spring bouquet, Saffron sunflowers, Turquoise tranquility, Colourful dachshund, Rainbow dachshund, Sunflower dachshund